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This year’s edition of Draw the Line Festival located in Campobasso and organized by Malatesta Associati, has seen the participation of great contemporary urban artists, including Vesod Brero.

Turin based Artist and friend Vesod made an impressive mural on the exterior facade of a building in Via Marche 5 (Quartiere San Giovanni) entitled “ Lights on the Horizon”.

This wall is part of a whole new series of productions that the Artist began to realize about a year ago. This one is a sort of turning-point because it’s officially the first he realized with landscapes, although he has already done several canvases with surroundings.

The guideline of this new series of works is enclosed in two words and one hashtag: #EventHorizon, which is a reference to science and physics, two areas that have always influenced and inspired Vesod . This is a clear allusion to the concept associated with black holes, a prediction of general relativity which is a fundamental law of quantum theory.

#EventHorizon is the limit surface beyond which no event can affect an external observer. It is the point near the black hole in which “you should see time and space all together, as if all of them existed at the same time”. “So the attention is always turned on the characters, painted on-the-move and drawn transparently to give the idea of movement, but as if it was to break a part of this event horizon and to paint it”, says Vesod.

He continues “This year, I was particularly focused on the poetics of figure at the most intimate and personal level. This wall, at technical level, was the most complex and complete at the same time.”

But the inspiration has also come from the town itself where Vesod walked for days, grabbing the most poetic, fascinating glimpses and getting them into his personal #eventhorizon.

Check out more in-progress images below and stay tuned for more updates from Turin!

All Photos by Massimiliano Ferrante and Malatesta Associati

Claudia Kiki

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Claudia lives and works in Italy. She's the founder and manager of SAT _ Street Art Torino_ a project totally focused on Urban Art which organizes street art tours in Turin since 2014. She currently works with urban art galleries and street art festivals in events' promotion. Art Lover, Poetry Hunter, Planets Devoted.