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Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in Beirut, Lebanon

November 29, 2017
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Beirut Digital District commissioned the artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, in collaboration with BAD. Built by Associative Data, to paint a mural in the district of Bachoura on a building that bears the marks of war and awaits to be re-built in Beirut, Lebanon.

Many societies have been shadowed lately by wars and conflicts, putting a tremendous weight on children’s education and future. Gerada’s concepts have been long driven by social parameters. Titled ‘Connection’ the mural portrays a young boy exploring an Arduino board, alluding to the essential need for innovation and education in building a better future for the society.

After the conflicts that have violently marked the city of Beirut, and with Bachoura being once the front line of the devastating 1975 Civil war, the area is now being brought back to life by Beirut Digital District. Beirut is witnessing an incredible and hopeful metamorphosis.

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in Beirut, Lebanon

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