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“Amers Perdus” by Michel Lauricella and Jean-Dominique Ferrucci in Paris, France

December 31, 2017
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Michel Lauricella and Jean-Dominique Ferrucci are back with another paste-up on their home, Paris streets. Located on Rue des 2 Avenues, this piece is dedicated to migrants and it took the artists two long, rainy and cold nights to put up.

We wanted to make a work about migrants. Because migrants are a symptom of the state of the world, a terrible symptom. A photo of the sea with mountains far away, evanescent faces, words, pieces of papers with words, runs of painting, garbage and wood on the floor… and 2 fires in the night. It’s not easy to read or understand this picture. If you are just walking by, you may not even notice it, it looks as it is a part of the wall… You need to make a stop to see the faces, to read a few words… As an allegory of the transparence of the migrants in our daily lives…

As usual, artists worked together when mixing their work and ideas to bring out this very humble tribute. Michael’s drawings and Jean-Dominique’s photos made this complex and chaotic form, with the work being more committed than decorative…

Check out more pictures below and stay tuned for more updates from this duo in the future!

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