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Gio Pistone is an Italian artist who has been active for many years, both working locally and on an international level. She has been drawing ever since she was a child as she was born in a house with a lot of musicians and artists, and that is how it all started. From the moment she decided to consider drawing as a job, she realised that she had to take out her personal way of looking at reality and try to avoid standardising style and ideas as much as possible. Immediately, she started drawing beings who were different from humans, and to her – it represended a way of talking about diversity in all respects. This piece, is one of them…

The individualities designed starting from the defects, from the peculiarities that are our power and make us UNIQUE. I often talk about this aspect and I’m interested in the mysterious way in which the uniqueness of every individual interact to each other. I love working and imagining stories, which I don’t tell but that remain impressed in the drawing or in the wall painting or in the sculpture.

To create my works, I prefer isolated places or small towns, even if I live in a chaotic city like Rome. And I really love chaos, but small villages, abandoned places, woods, countryside inspire me for the wideness of space and the silence that I hear. The people who live there are less bombarded by images and sometimes I found so many curious people in those environments.

A mural that has been painted for StreetAlps festival in Pinerolo only took the artist 24 hours to complete. Using a set of colours that blend and shape this feminine character the artist speeded up the technique a lot by putting more colours on the brush and tracing the blended colours that then she reshaped with the background colour obtaining a neat effect, but the actual colour is completely random, gestural and instinctive.


Check out more pictures of the mural below and stay tuned for more updates from Gio Pistone in the near future…


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