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The Crystal Ship: Ben Slow in Ostend, Belgium

April 20, 2018
2 min read
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British artist Ben Slow just wrapped up a large new mural on the streets of Ostend in Belgium for The Crystal Ship street art festival.

The piece took about a week to complete and is entitled “An Ode To Love And Everything It Throws At You”.

I painted this piece as a celebration of both Jean and Jeanette, a couple that have been married for 53 years and have lived in the city that whole time. It was amazing to watch them together, playful and still so very much in love. A beautiful kind of love, the type of love that so many dream of and the type that deserves to be captured.
We all know that love is not always so kind. Such a simple emotion yet so very complicated at times.
It can be the best thing in life but it can also be the absolute worst.
You never forget someone who once had your heart, no matter how badly it may have ended. You can only hope to learn from past experiences and to not lose the desire and belief in love. That type of love I tried to capture with this painting. We should all believe that we will have the chance to find it and always continue to search for it because a world without love is no world at all. — Ben Slow

Discover more images below on this piece by Henrik Haven.

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