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Belgian artist Joachim is part of this year stellar’s lineup of The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival which is currently taking place on the streets of Ostend in Belgium.

Joachim’s unique style is definitely impossible not to notice. The multiple eyes of his amusing characters, funny depiction of their teeth as well as twisted, complicated compositions and playful use of colors are all great at capturing a viewer’s attention. When it comes to himself, Joachim enjoys creating both street art and small-scale works in his studio and he considers himself a full-time, utterly dedicated artist. When I’m filthy, tired, and have nearly died a couple of times, that’s when I know it’s been a good day, Joachim claims.

After three days of intense work, Joachim is already well underway this massive mural which as you can guess, will feature one of his signature characters.

Take a look below for more images by Egmond Dobbelaere and check back with us in a few days to discover the completed artwork by Joachim.


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