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Takashi Murakami x Doraemon x Uniqlo Capsule Collection

April 26, 2018
1 min read
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The online release of the highly anticipated Takashi Murakami x Doraemon x Uniqlo Capsule collection is now set for May 10th and May 24th.

Our readers in New York City can get a early access with the upcoming meet and greet party on April 26th at Uniqlo’s 5th avenue. Takashi Murakami will be in attendance to sign items and interact with the guests.

The main visual for this special collection is Murakami’s work, “Anna koto iina dekitara iina”, created for the Doraemon exhibition. This colorful work, featuring the main characters Doraemon and Nobita, Doraemon’s secret gadgets, and Murakami’s characteristic flowers.

Head over here for the full details.

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