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“Dengju” by Fin DAC in Paris, France

July 30, 2018
1 min read
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Personal circumstances have kept Irish artist Fin DAC away from the streets for much of this year but he’s back… with a bang.

10 long days in Pantin, Paris as part of ‘Ete Du Canal’ have resulted in ‘Dengju’: not just a mural but a kind of reinterpretation of a building.

Taking his lead from architectural reference points like the pitched roof and a window, our Irish friend has immersed his model/muse Marlena Moon into her surroundings with a beautifully striking piece of work.

And if you needed more evidence of the lengths that this artist will go to get the perfect photo? Just check out the night shots… illuminating.

The piece can be found at Pont Delizy in Pantin, Paris

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