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Jason Tetlak uses Beastie Boys as inspiration for world’s largest 3D painting

July 31, 2018
2 min read
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On July 24th, artist Jason Tetlak was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as having created the largest hand-painted 3D mural in the world. Tetlak’s mural resides in the Jacksonville neighborhood known as Brooklyn and features images of the internationally recognized music group the Beastie Boys.

“The location was a big part of the inspiration for this piece,” Jason says. “When I was searching for a canvas big enough to set the record, the spot at 250 Park Street jumped out at me, not just for its size but also its visibility.”

The finished mural includes more square footage then many nearby homes, measuring 90 feet wide by 22 feet tall – putting the overall area at an astounding 1930 square feet. Tetlak spent more than 50 hours over the course of seven days completing the mural. Along with the faces of each of the members of the Beastie Boys, Tetlak included the quote “No Sleep til Brooklyn” from one of their popular songs.

“If viewers wear red and blue 3D glasses the image will leap out at them,” says Tetlak. “I try to put something extra into all of my pieces, whether it’s making them 3D, incorporating augmented reality, or even using old QR codes that send a text to the viewer’s phone, I try to reward people for taking the extra time to interact with my work.”

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