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Vhils’ Orangutan in Indonesia for Splash and Burn

August 4, 2018
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Vhils recently spent some time in Indonesia where he was invited by the Splash and Burn project which highlights critical ecological issues in South-East asia.

The world is not taking the time to consider how to move forward, there is no effort to reflect on the real impact of decisions. For this project what I really wanted to do, was to give my work in order to bring attention to a situation- to create discussion on an issue. It is the artists who power the the cities we live in – who counterbalance the pressures of different issues by creating Images on walls. You can start a discussion and bring to the public issues that otherwise would not be there –Vhils

In 2017, scientists announced the discovery of a new species of Great Ape in Sumatra: the Tapanuli Orangutan. This is the now most endangered Great Ape species in the world. Found only in the Batang Toru forest in the Tapanuli highlands of Northern Sumatra, the species’ core habitat is in danger due to the development of a 510MW hydropower dam.

Sign the petition and bring your voice to this cause to help save the Orangutan.

Vhils’ Orangutan in Indonesia for Splash and Burn

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