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HUMUS by Giulio Vesprini in Fermo, Italy.

October 5, 2018
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On the façade of the artistic high school of Fermo, in the Marche region, Giulio Vesprini left his mark with the first artistic act of the newly born F.U.M., acronym of Fermo Urban Museum, a multidisciplinary project that will see the programming of periodic events, creations and multimedia productions, workshops with the involvement of local artists.

FUM has a co-design approach of public spaces with the purpose to make suburbs areas of the city a beating heart of artistic and cultural initiatives. Spaces become the real engine of urban areas, as well as a formidable point of integration.

Giulio, who has always worked through the establishment of a pictorial dialogue with the urban environment in which walls are located, has created HUMUS,  a powerfull  work realized together with high school students.

In nature, the Humus is a complex of organic substances present in the soil, as well as the most active part of the earth. Likewise here we find ourselves immersed in a very receptive, active field: an artistic high school, a place where the ground is prepared for the artistic future of the students. And so, Vesprini’s aim is not only to be a communication bridge between graphics and architecture, but also to give students an incentive.

Just as nature teaches us that, to give life to a new fruit, we must first create a suitable habitat for the installation of the new seed, in the same way we must prepare the creative ground for art to root and flourish. The concepts of pot, of flowering, of culture and of life are fundamental values in this art work.

With its recurrent geometric shapes, the color palette that returns as a visual symbol of his works, Giulio concludes his circle number 37 with an invitation to life. Because, in the end, life always blossoms, it has no seasons and its container is always ready to be filled with new forms and inspirations.

Check more images below sent by the Artist and stay tuned with us for more news from Italy.

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