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Ampparito in Dubai, UAE

April 8, 2019
1 min read
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The Dubai Street Museum project recently launched a new wave of murals in the district of Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Ampparito was invited to create some of his unique imagery for the locals to enjoy. After several days of work, Ampparito brought to life a large mural which depicts a giant fishing bait based on a local fish. The second piece is a old school mixtape.

Ampparito is a young Spanish artist who works subverting objects, meanings and realities to generate new experiences or situations. These may arise a wide range of results from the most absolute indifference to the deepest reflection, through disorientation and contemplation.
He uses simple objects, trying to explore boundaries between realism and abstraction changing points of view, distances and scales.

Take a look below for all the images and stay tuned for more street art pieces from the Middle East.

Pictures by Rom Levy

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