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Alberto Montes in Zaragoza, Spain

June 19, 2020
1 min read
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Alberto Montes recently finished another mural in Zaragoza, Spain. His new murals features nature and was created in relation to the landscape surrounding it. Alberto’s new works encourages pause, contemplation and reflection to counter the haste and lack of attention in the public space.

Alberto Montes is a visual artist born in Los Corrales, Seville in 1995.  He works both in the street and the studio and his work is influenced by classical paintings. He has recently participated in projects such as the 2nd Andalusian University Biennial of Contemporary Plastic Creation (BIUNIC) in 2017, CREENÇA (Berga, 2018) and Limit Festival (Avià, 2018).

Check down below to see more photos of the murals.

GUAU Festival / Torrellas, Zaragoza / 2020

Fragmentación de un entorno concreto / Estepona, Málaga / 2020

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