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Miss Van, Mina Hamada and Jeff McCreight ‘Ru8icon’ for Avant Garde Tudela 2020

June 22, 2020
2 min read
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The beautiful town of Tudela in northern Spain recently hosted the 7th edition of their Avant Garde Tudela street art festival which added 3 new works to their existing collection of 21 public murals. Curated by artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada and organized by Tudela-Cultura the new pieces were painted by 3 Barcelona based international artists – Miss Van, Mina Hamada, and Jeff McCreight ‘Ru8icon’.

For her largest wall to date, Miss Van painted a double portrait of her 2 signature female characters titled Les Gitanas (Gypsies). The image is an elaborated and refined version of the signature characters that the French-born artist has been developing since her beginnings on the streets of Toulouse back in the early 90s. Nowadays rendered as a delicate oil portrays that successfully depict a variety of surfaces and textures, the work feels like a milestone piece for the legendary artist.

Speaking of two figures, American-born Jeff McCreight painted a dynamic image of two boys jumping into the water. With terrified excitement on their faces, the image brings back the feeling of careless freedom that the citizens of Spain and many other countries had to forget about in the recent months. At the same time, the image celebrates the beauty and diversity of the natural landscape around Tudela.

Finally, Mina Hamada applied her abstract, pattern-based visual language on one of the buildings, constructing her work from stylized elements of the local environment. Depicting the wind, water, local flowers, and plants as simplified, abstracted forms, this mural is an open field for our personal interpretation of the objects that we are contemplating, depending on our personal mood.

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