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“Dualismo” by Vesod in Campobasso, Italy

September 20, 2020
1 min read
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Italian Artist Vesod recently worked on a new mural for the 7th edition of Antonio Giordano Urban Art Award (Premio Antonio Giordano) in Santa Croce di Magliano, Italy. The artwork, entitled “Dualismo”, has been made on the facade of a private building in the heart of the village. The composition offers a real oneiric vision, where architectures, female bodies and machines merge together in a futuristic vortex, open to double or multiple interpretations in contrast to each other.

Vesod was born in Turin in 1981 and he currently lives and works in a Venaria Reale. Influenced by his artist father and the early 20th century Italian movement Futurism, Vesod skillfully applies layers of opaque paint to create remarkable three-dimensional geometric objects and elegant figures with a unique and expressive sense of movement.

His work is characterized by high contrast figures full of staggered motion and bright geometric abstractions.

Take a look at more images below and check back with us soon for more updates from around the world.

Photo credits: Premio Antonio Giordano, Vesod

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