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“Fight Together with Myanmar” by Headache Stencil

June 3, 2021
2 min read
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Headache Stencil is a street artist from Thailand who has created many works of political art in both national and international contexts. His most recent collection of art on the current situation in his neighbouring country of Myanmar is up for auction as NFTs. Half of the proceeds of the sale of the three pieces will go to the fight for freedom in Myanmar via the Ministry Of International Cooperation (MOIC) and the National Unity Government (NUG), in the hopes of standing in solidarity with Myanmar and serving as an example for other countries oppressed by authoritarian regimes to have hope and continue fighting.

Scroll down below to view Headache Stencil’s striking pieces.

“The Refugee” – When there is war, damage will occur to the community. Many people who’ve lost their homes and families must flee from death and become refugees. We must never forget that all refugees are also human beings no different from us. We all still feel hunger and suffer from the effects of war. We will not let these people die overlooked by the world.

“The People” – The three-finger salute has become the symbol of the fight for democracy in the Southeast Asian region, which has been deemed by the world as a “dictator hub”. Now, the people of the region have awakened to the freedoms and rights they should have, and it’s time to press onwards in the battle.

“Beautiful Revolution” – Inspired by the important scene when Miss Universe Myanmar called upon the world to pay attention to the protests and the state-sanctioned killing of civilians in Myanmar, this is one of the world’s most beautiful displays of peace.

Headache Stencil is a pseudonymous artist. Dubbed Thailand’s version of the British graffiti artist Banksy, Headache Stencil became famous for his satirical graffiti art depicting the military officials of Thailand who took power in 2014. He says of himself, “I started calling myself Headache Stencil because I knew what I did is going to cause people headaches. I’ve been a troublemaker since I was a kid”

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