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“Atlantis of the North” by Pener in Olsztyn, Poland

September 6, 2021
2 min read
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Street artist Pener recently worked on a stunning piece in Olsztyn, Poland. Pener, together with the director of the Municipal Public Library in Olsztyn, Krzysztof Dąbkowski, came up with the idea that the project should be embedded in the literary tradition of Warmia and Mazury, and specifically intertwined with the notion of “Atlantis of the North”, the author of which is the poet and writer Kazimierz Brakoniecki.

“I am very open to this type of synergistic projects that can significantly encourage reflection on our identity. Thanks to this, we can bend down and reflect on our common history related to Warmia and Masuria. As a creator and artist, I wanted to create something more than just an illustration for a literary text…

…because the image itself is ambiguous – birds appear in it – they change into geometric shapes – which interpenetrate and saturate each other. I am inspired by the space in which the wall is located, its shape and context, but I run away from unambiguous associations and strong dominant illustrative motives” Pener stated.

Polish artist Bartek Świątecki, aka Pener, is one of the many artists using their talents to transform the façades of buildings into public works of art. He uses overlapping forms—some transparent and others opaque—to create a sense of motion in his work. He is inspired by the digital world and uses a modern, architectural style to capture its dynamism on a large scale. By layering structural forms together in an ambiguous space, he explores the face of virtual reality.

His work ranges from, paintings, walls, animation and site specific installation

Take a look below for more images of the project and check back with us shortly for more updates on the international street art scene.

Photo credits: Mateusz Świątecki / Kamil Iwańczyk

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