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Latest Installation by Gola Hundun in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

November 17, 2021
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Italian artist Gola Hundun shares his latest installation in Luxembourg wherein he did his residency at Kufa in Esch last month. He calls his piece: “Economic power must redefine its parasitic position about the world. We need to become a choral system of small self-sufficient centers that collaborate as the roots of a tree contribute to shape a trunk. Respect for other forms of life! Superior Love or extinction now!”

It was the first time the artist faced a complex project. Gola Hundun worked with a lot of materials such as  iron, wood ,wicker, living plants soil. He produced a coral piece, a group of sculptures installed in the train station of Esch sur Alzette.

“Roots as the beginning of a new world are the ones that my new work in Esch shows up.
Roots for an interconnected existence just like railways are.
Roots of a tree-scheme society where every living being collaborates with each other.
Roots with an inner power capable of subverting the capitalistic system.
Roots to begin a new lifestyle.

Earth will always keep on existing – even after us. Without Earth in its current shape, we won’t exist.

Roots connected to the Earth.”

“…inside each root there is a plant pot in which Ivy plants will grow on the wicker structure and through time they will symbolize the flag of our ideal!

This installation group is part of my research path Habitat , a project that start with the abandoned buildings recolonised by rest of nature, and now approach the living cities, with nature taking back some of their space.”

Gola Hundun’s work shows the relationship between human beings and the biosphere. This consideration combined with the conscious decision to live as a vegetarian since the age of 16 positions the artist and his work closer to the animal sphere to the human sphere.

He explores themes such as interspecies communication, shamanism, a return to the earth, vegetarianism, and spirituality.

Gola Hundun’s work is often representative of the relationship between humans and nature. He has always felt very close to the natural world and describes his ideology as being closer to the animal sphere rather than the human one. His decision to become a vegetarian at the age of 16 speaks to conscientiousness of the animal world. He explores themes such as collaboration vs. domination, shamanism, vegetarianism, energies and mysticism.

While best known for his paintings, Gola also incorporates sculpture, fibre, plant life, electronics and performance art into his public installations and paintings. His work has an intensely naturalistic feel to them, with many cues to the plant world including organic curves and bright colors.

Take a look below for more photos of the installation.

Photo credits: Gilles Kayser

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