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“Tierra” by SpY in Madrid, Spain

November 17, 2021
3 min read
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In “Tierra”, SpY presents an artistic project made up of a luminous red sphere caged inside a cube-shaped structure, constructed with the type of scaffolding normally used on building sites. These 2 simple geometric elements (sphere and cube) form a large-scale construction which stands almost 25 metres high and has been installed in Plaza de Colón in Madrid.

This powerful visual statement is accompanied by a bright red light emanating from inside the sphere, from which one can almost feel the heat transmitted by the concept of the work.

In this work, SpY asks us to reflect on the way in which our home makes up a whole of which we form part, and in which everything is connected as if it were a living creature. There have always been changing climate conditions and the Earth has always been constantly evolving. However, as a consequence of human activity, these changes are happening over a very short period of time and have resulted in worrying alterations.

Unfortunately, this rapid change has created an impact which could become irreversible. We need to propose dialogue and actions that will contribute to improved collective awareness through a value system which can turn this situation around. The challenge we all face is to take small individual steps to improve and contribute to our sense of shared responsibility.

Through this artistic offering, SpY invites the audience to reflect and enjoy this urban installation, where visitors will be surprised by the scale and the contrasting light set against the city background.

In “DATA” pictured above, SpY offers a reflection on the rapid and widespread inclusion of algorithms in numerous aspects of our lives.  In this audio-visual work, digital abstraction is used to explore and interpret how predictive tools operated through algorithms and artificial intelligence are highly beneficial in terms of aspects such as communication, research and medicine, but can also lead us to lose some of our freedoms if they are not used ethically.

SpY is an urban artist whose first endeavors date back to the mid-eighties. Shortly after, already a national reference as a graffiti artist, he started to explore other forms of artistic communication in the street. His work involves the appropiation urban elements through transformation or replication, commentary on urban reality, and the interference in its communicative codes.

Check out below for more photos os SpY’s work.

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