Ernest Zacharevic for Dubai Street Museum in UAE

Ernest Zacharevic just wrapped up a large new piece in the Satwa district of Dubai as part of the first phase of the Dubai Street Museum Project. The project is organized by Brand Dubai and curated by Rom Levy and Sanaz Askari. Working around the curated theme of “The Past”, the Lithuanian artist spent several

Julia Volchkova for Dubai Street Museum in UAE

Julia Volchkova also took part in the first edition of Dubai Street Museum which was organized by Brand Dubai in the old part of the city. The project was curated and produced by Rom Levy and Sanaz Askari. Using the curated theme of “The Past”, the Russian artist found inspiration in a local boat called

1010 in UAE for Dubai Street Museum

The Dubai Street Museum launched last week-end in Dubai, UAE as an upcoming open-air museum which will see artworks being created all around the Emirates. This unique project bringing for the first time real Urban Contemporary Art to the Middle-East is made by Brand Dubai and curated by Rom Levy and Sanaz Askari. 1010 was

Video: Dubai Street Museum Announcement

For the past two weeks in Dubai, the Dubai Street Museum project took place on 2nd Of December Street in Satwa. Over 16 International and Emirati artists were participating in this unique event.  The Dubai Street Museum project which is curated by Rom Levy and Sanaz Askari will see international and local artists working together to

Fintan Magee in Dubai, UAE

Aussie Artist Fintan Magee quickly stopped by the Middle-East where he was invited as part of the latest edition of the Dubai Street Museum Festival in the United Arab Emirates. Painting in the beach district of Jumeirah, Fintan worked his way through two large murals which are inspired by the neighborhood. The first one shows

Ampparito in Dubai, UAE

The Dubai Street Museum project recently launched a new wave of murals in the district of Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ampparito was invited to create some of his unique imagery for the locals to enjoy. After several days of work, Ampparito brought to life a large mural which depicts a giant fishing bait

Preview: “Between The Lines” @ The Mine Dubai

Later this month, an exciting group exhibition entitled “Between The Lines” will be opening in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at The Mine Gallery. Curated by Rom Levy, the exhibition will be featuring brand new works from: Andrew Schoultz, Kenton Parker, RETNA, Andrew Faris, Paul Insect, BAST, eL Seed, Jenny Sharaf and Word to Mother. If you