Video: Mural Festival 2016 Recap

Here comes the full video recap for Mural Festival 2016 which took place on the streets of Montreal in Canada. From D*Face to Felipe Pantone or Natalia Rak, check out the full run down with this rad video made by ABCDF

“Swimming Upstream” by REKA in Berlin

A sneak preview of REKA’s recent Abandoned Adventures in Berlin. He has been silently working on this project for over 3 years since his relocation, focusing on his weekly visits to some of Berlins most amazing abandoned locations. Unfortunately he can’t share more photos at this stage of the many pieces that he has completed. The project he has been working on is

“Las Tres Guerreras” by Fin DAC in Cartagena, Colombia

Following on from his trip to New Zealand late last year, during which he spent time immersed in the culture – heritage of local Maori people, our friend Fin DAC has spent the first few months of this year searching out new and unusual projects to give his work new purpose and direction. He has

Pokras Lampas Paints a New Mural in Loures, Portugal

Russian artist Pokras Lampas was recently in Loures, Portugal, taking part in the local Loures Arte Publica Festival. With creative initiatives spread throughout the county of Loures, activities were ranging from traditional graffiti and street art to photography and sculpture. Strongly influenced by Niels “Shoe” Meulman’s movement “Calligraffiti”, Pokras turned his focus to calligraphy shortly

HONET new mural in Toulouse for the Rose Beton Festival

  Parisian street artist and illustrator HONET just completed this new mural for the ROSE BETON Festival, depicting a trojan horse with his signature playful characters. Take a look at more images after the break and then check back with us soon for more mural updates from Rose Beton Festival.

“Downside Up” by Pejac in London

Spanish artist Pejac recently spent couple of days working on his first series of public installations in London. Titled “Downside Up” these 4 sculptural pieces show old pairs of shoes hanging off light posts, only “downside up”. Once again Pejac showed his ability to catch the passerby’s attention with a subtle twist of reality. In

“PA_1205 – Dr House” by Invader in Paris, France

Our pixelated friend Invader is back in Paris with a massive new piece that just appeared on the hospital “La Pitie”. On this occasion, the elusive French artist decided to bring to life a massive rendition of the famed TV series character “Dr House” accompanied by one of his signature pixelated invader. The piece is