“Love After All” by Ludo in Paris

Despite the winter season in Europe, Ludo is back on the streets of Paris in France with a brand new piece which is entitled “Love After All”. As usual with the French street artist, he brought to life an oversized artwork featuring some of his signature elements. Great start of the year for Ludo! Take

“Strange Bird” by Lonac in NYC

Wrapping up his first US trip, Lonac stopped in NYC back in December to paint one of his signature mutant fish pieces on the streets of the city that never sleeps. Taking advantage of the mild winter weather the Croatin artist battled the crowds by spending couple of early mornings working on his last piece for

“The Abduction of Europa” by MP5 in Saint Chamond, France

Italian artist Mp5 just wrapped up a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Saint Chamond in France which is entitled “The Abduction of Europa”. In Greek mythology Europa  was the mother of King Minos of Crete, a woman with Phoenician origin of high lineage, and for whom the continent Europe was named. The

“The Greatest Of Mysteries” by Myneandyours in Dubai

When you find yourself immersed in the spectacular you never forget it. The vast unfathomable clusters of stars surrounding our pale blue dot leading us into the unknown, remind us of this awesome mystery every time we look up. It filters into our atmosphere and fills us with an immeasurable awe, one we cannot comprehend.

“PA_1251 – PA_1263” by Invader in Paris

Our friend Invader has been rather busy on the streets of Paris with a bunch of new invasion that popped up all around the city of lights. Mixing a wide range of Traditional invasions with his adorable pixelated characters, the French street artist also brought to life several video games based invasions such as the

Chicago’s PITR/Pizza in the Rain Completes “Paper Portraits” Project

  While 2017 promises a year filled with creativity and artistic surprises, Chicago’s Pizza In The Rain (aka PITR) has recently wrapped up a unique undertaking that has spanned most of 2016. As artists take their work to the street all over the world, the “Paper Portraits” project strived to encourage this street focused transition in

Recap: “Heerlen Murals” in Netherlands

Heerlen Murals organised a wide range of interventions and activities from August to December 2016 in and around the center of Heerlen, Netherlands. This year’s theme was called “There’s more than meets the eye” and it dealt with the diversity and the ‘do it yourself’-mentality of the artform. The artist were challenged to produce work that have either