Mural Festival 2017: 1010 in Montreal

Our good friend 1010 has just visited Montreal for the fifth edition of MURAL International Public Art Festival where he has brought to life one of his unique and as always impressive 3D murals. Using clever colour gradients as well as playing with shadows, Polish-German artist covered the whole side of a building in colourful dark layers. Take a look below for

1010 Paints a New Massive Mural in Milan

1010 recently spent couple of days in Milan, working on a large new mural and setting up his solo show with 10 A.M. ART gallery. The finished piece somewhat steps away from the kind of works German artist has been known for, but it’s still keeping the recognizable feel and aesthetics. Using the clever color gradients

1010 unveils a new mural in Varese, Italy for Urban Canvas

Our friend 1010 is currently traveling through lovely Italy where he was invited by Urban Canvas to work on a new piece on the streets of Varese.After a few hours of work, the globe-trotting muralist created one of his 3D optical illusion which will surely be enjoyed by the local residents.Continue reading for more detailed

1010 paints a new optical illusion in Heerlen, Netherlands

While we last heard from him in Poland, 1010 is now in Heerlen, Netherlands where he was invited to paint for the local mural festival “Heerlen Murals”.The globe-trotting muralist spent a few days working on this piece which is featuring one of his colorful three dimensional optical illusions. As usual with 1010, his pieces makes

1010 paints a large black hole in Warsaw, Poland for Street Art Doping

While we last heard from him in Gdynia a few days ago, 1010 has now landed in Warsaw, Poland where he was invited by Street Art Doping.After a few days of work, the prolific muralist created yet another super impressive colored three dimensional optical illusion.1010 is reproducing a 3D technique on the flat. Even though

1010 creates a new mural in Gdynia, Poland

The excellent Traffic Design Street Art Festival recently invited the master of illusions aka 1010 to leave his mark in the city of Gdynia in Poland.After a few days of work, the German street artist brought to life a brilliant colored three dimensional optical illusion which is sure to be enjoyed by the local residents.Continue

1010 unveils a new vortex in Las Vegas with JUSTKIDS for Life Is Beautiful ’15

While we last heard from him a few days ago with a massive piece in Paris, 1010 recently stopped by Las Vegas to work his magic on a new building.Invited by JUSTKIDS for the upcoming Life Is Beautiful ’15 Festival, the German artist spent about five days working under extreme weather conditions. 45 degrees and

1010 paints a giant optical illusion in Paris, France

1010 is currently in Paris, France where he spent the last week working on a giant piece along the Parisian highway.Geared with 400 liters of paint, it took about seven days for the German artist to paint this 4500 square meters artwork. Mind-boggling!1010 is reproducing a 3D technique on the flat. Even though they’re being