Ever creates a new mural for Board Dripper in Queretaro, Mexico

Our friend Ever Siempre is currently in Mexico where he was invited by the excellent Board Dripper urban art festival to paint on the streets of Queretaro.The Argentinean muralist spent a few days working on this sweet new piece which is featuring some of his signature imagery and technique.Continue reading for more images on this artwork

Sego “El Presagio De La Cabra Loca” New Mural – Tonalá, Mexico

After Oaxaca earlier this month (covered), Sego is now in Tanala where he just finished working on this mural.Entitled “El Presagio De La Cabra Loca” (The omen of the crazy goat), the Mexican street artist quickly worked his magic to drop this signature piece for the locals to enjoy.Continue reading to see the rest of