“It is yours to share it” by Artez in Hamburg, Germany

Artez has just finished his mural for the project “Art creates water” organised by Viva Con Agua and Millentorn Gallery. Once again, Artez uses illustration with beautiful vibrant colours to create this meaningful “It is yours to share it” mural that took him 5 days of hard work in one of the busiest streets of Hamburg to complete.

“Keep Growing” by Artez in Novi Sad, Serbia

Based in Belgrade, street artist by the name Artez who has been quite active recently has just sent in some pictures of his latest work that was painted as a part of “Chain Reaction” project that was created in reaction to an event that happened just before the last presidential elections in Serbia – the officials have painted

“Never Give Up” by Artez in Sandefjord, Norway

Our good friend who is based in Belgrade, by the name of Artez has just sent in some pictures of his latest mural which was done for “Art for all in the world” festival in Sandefjord, Norway. This festival is supported by local paint producer Juton and Prime minister of Norway came to open the project. In this mural yet again

“Future is in your hands” by Artez in Valjevo, Serbia

Our good friend Artez has just finished a mural in the city of Valjevo, where he has won his first competition ever and had an opportunity to paint this mural. The topic of the competition was “Valjevo in the future” and consisted of two rounds, after which the jury made the decision and selected Artez to paint.

“Precious little things” by Artez in Mumbai, India

Our friend Artez has just sent in some images of his fresh, still drying mural in Mumbai, India. This artwork was inspired by the phrase “Do what you love – love what you do”, which is the official slogan of Whistling Woods International, one of the most important and famous film studios in Bollywood film

Three new pieces from Artez in Serbia and India

Based in Belgrade, street artist by the name Artez is one of the leading Serbian aritsts to emerge on the local graffiti scene, best known as an artist who likes to mix photo-realism and illustrations, with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colours of his work. While we haven’t heard much from Artez in a while, he