“What if I fall? But imagine, what if you fly?”, a new piece by WD in Athens

Constantly busy on the streets of Greece, WD is back in Athens where he just finished working on a brand new street piece.Entitled “What if I fall? But imagine, what if you fly?”, the Balinese street artist spent five days geared with a telescopic extension roller pole to create this piece showing a bunch of flying

“Hope Dies Last”, a new mural by WD in Athens, Greece

After his participation in the Malta Street Art Festival, WD is back in Greece where he just finished working on a new piece in Athens.Entitled “Hope Dies Last”, the Greek muralist created this powerful piece of work which goes straight to the point. WD tried to have the piece in part realistic, intermixed with the

“No Land For The Poor”, a new mural by WD in Athens, Greece

WD has just sent us a series of fresh images from his newest street piece which he just completed somewhere on the streets of Athens in Greece.Geared with a telescopic extension roller pole, it took four days for the artist to complete this piece. The title is “No Land for the Poor”and is inspired by the

“Random Future”, a new piece by iNO in Athens, Greece

iNO is back on the streets of Athens in Greece where he just finished working on a brand new piece entitled “Random Future”. The Greek artist sent us the following statement explaining the artwork and its title. In a country that has been financially destroyed by the politicians, the crisis is rising. After the endless

Fikos paints a series of new pieces in Athens, Greece

Fikos just wrapped up a rather large project which saw him painting several large pieces at the 58th Primary School of Athens in Greece. The Greek artist spent over two weeks inside the complex to create the first ever illustrated school in the country. The result is featuring his classical Greek Byzantine inspired imagery which

iNO “Wake Up” New Mural – Athens, Greece

iNO spent the last few days working on this massive mural somewhere on the streets of his hometown in Athens, Greece.iNO ‘s mural is based on an image of resurrection, in which god grabs a dead man’s hand and brings him into life. The artwork with a similar depiction criticizes a group of people which are

iNO “Creasing” New Mural – Athens, Greece

iNO recently spent a week working on this massive new piece on the streets of his hometown, Athens in Greece. The Onassis Cultural Center invited iNO to decorate the exterior wall of their building for the “No Respect” exhibition. The artwork represents a crumpled piece of paper with a face emerging from it.  Continue reading

Fikos Antonios New Mural – Athens, Greece

While we last heard from him last year with Simon Salaidis (covered), Fikos Antonios just finished working on this new piece somewhere on the streets of Athens, Greece.His art is based on the tradition of ancient Greek and Byzantine painting which he sometimes combines with modern art movements like futurism, modernism and graffiti. The young