Basik New Mural – Tunisia

After the successful opening of his solo show in Milan, Basik flew to North Africa where he had to opportunity to work on some new “street” pieces.The Italian artist made this piece in the middle of the Tunisian desert, near the old troglodyte town of Matmata. Luckily, he found a rather nice abandoned building along

Basik New Hands Mural – Rimini, Italy

After a sweet collaboration earlier this month (covered), Basik is back on the streets of Rimini, Italy with this solo piece.This piece is about superstition, still quite ingrained in some areas of Italy. Basik painted these gestures, for which Italians are quite famed around the globe.Click in to see all the details and then stay

Basik x Zamoc x Gola New Mural – Rimini, Italy

After his reverse balaclava last week (covered), Basik just teamed up with Zamoc and Gola to work on this new collaboration on the suburbs of Rimini in Italy.Visiting an abandoned summer camp, the three Italian friends quickly painted this interesting piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style.Continue reading for more detailed images on this collaboration and

Basik “Reverse Balaclava” New Indoor Mural – Rimini, Italy

Italian artist Basik is currently in Rimini, Italy where he painted this indoor piece entitled “Reverse Balaclava” for the Dreamfloor Street Art Festival. I’ve been quite familiar with the concept of masks as a subject and I always love to play with their holes and how about the perception of what we can see beneath

Basik “A Path Of Struggle Through A Kingdom And Its Crown” New Street Art – Lido Adriano, Italy

Basik is currently in Lido Adriano, Italy where he just wrapped up this beautiful new piece entitled “A Path Of Struggle Through A Kingdom And Its Crown”.Along with a nice series of shots, the Italian artist sent us the following explanation on this complex piece: The twin works take their inspiration from the Sephirot of the

Basik New Street Piece In Venice, Italy

Italian Street Artist Basik recently stopped through the lovely city of Venice, Italy for the back 2 back to Biennale event.As usual with Basik, his street art pieces are visually powerful and simple. His flat rendition of hand gestures and cryptic symbolism captures the imagination and holds it with a mysterious allure.Make sure to take

2501 x Basik x Zamoc New Mural In Rimini, Italy

2501, Basik and Zamoc are spending their summer holidays in Rimini, Italy where they just completed this sweet collaboration. The trio delivers a beautiful and well composed piece featuring each artist’s distinctive style.Take a peep at more detailed images after the jump and then check back with us soon for more updates from Italy. More