Aakash Nihalani New Mural – Domino Sugar Factory, Brooklyn

Last seen in Rome for his solo exhibition at Wunderkamen (covered), Aakash Nihalani is now back in the US where he’s been working on this new installation at the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn.While many street artists have a social or political agenda, the most prominent commentary that arises from Aakash Nihalani’s work is that

Jana & JS New Street Pieces – Brooklyn, New York City

While we last heard from them in Germany last January, Jana & JS are now in North America where they spent the last few days working on this new series of pieces in New York City.Normally a combination of portraiture with architecture their style is instantly recognisable. Keen photographers, the artists often include the camera

ZED1 New Street Art In Brooklyn – New York City

ZED1 is still in New York City where he spent the last few days working on this new piece in Brooklyn.As usual with the Italian street artist, he painted some of his signature characters for the local hipsters to enjoy.Take a look at more detailed pictures by Artnine after the break and then drop your two

Phlegm New Mural On Avenue U In Brooklyn, New York City

After a sweet piece in Albany, Phlegm is back in New York City where he just finished working on this new piece in Brooklyn.Bringing some love to South Brooklyn, the British muralist painted this fantastic street piece as a comment on how technology changed our interactions with others . With billion of users who sign

Blek Le Rat New Street Piece In Brooklyn, New York City

Blek Le Rat was recently in New York City for the opening of his latest solo show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. This gives us the rare opportunity to actually withness Monsieur Le Rat painting on the streets.Xavier Prou rose to fame as the first street artist in Paris and the first to use life

KAWS New Mural In Brooklyn, New York City

A two-story mural by KAWS just popped up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City.The street turned contemporary artist dropped a beautiful piece featuring his signature abstract Spongebob-based imagery. Rich in colors and featuring a palette of red, pink and purple, this is a brilliant addition to the neighbourhood.Take a look at some more images

Buff Monster New Mural In New York City, USA

Buff Monster, the Hawaiian-born artist with an ice cream festish, recently completed a juicy mural on the streets of New York City.If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find this at the Bushwick Collectiveon Troutman Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn.Youโ€™ll see the characters in greater detail below, then be sure to check

Steve Powers ESPO “Train To Always” New Mural In NYC

After his “Love Letters To Brooklyn” (covered), Steve Powers aka ESPO is back in NYC and he once again hits Brooklyn with this brand new mural titled “Train To Always”.This train stations map mock up features station names like “So So” “Lonely” Waiting” “Maybe” “No Way” etc etc..As usual with ESPO it’s a clever and