Chu creates a new mural at the Ciudad Cultural Konex in Buenos Aires.

Julian Manzelli aka Chu is currently in Argentina where he spent a few days working on this new piece somewhere on the streets of Buenos Aires.Entitled “Divine Mechanisme”, the muralist dropped this massive and vibrant mural which is sure to be enjoyed by the local residents. Chu’s style is characterized by the use of characters with

Secret Wars Graffiti Euroleague Final Saturday 15th January

It has taken about a year to get this far. Birmingham have beat Bournemouth, Berlin, Lisbon, Glasgow and more recently struck off London with the safe-ish for work semi final. This Saturday 15th January 2011, Birmingham face Amsterdam in the Grand Final. It will consist of 6 members of each squad battling for 90 minutes

Souled Out Studios “Polite Line” Tape and Stickers Now Available

To start it off with a bang Souled Out Studios got 300 packs of CHU’s POLITE LINE DO NOT GET CROSS tape together with new stickers and the very LAST few old stickers set to be released tonight. Each Pack will contain 3 rolls of 57 meter POLITE LINE tape along with a large stack

CHU ‘SODTHERICH’ Release Update…

CHU’s SODTHERICH will be released this Thursday, 9th December! SOULED OUT STUDIOS

CHU’s SODTHERICH Available Next Week!

“Sixteen quid for a fry up….. Shoreditch, a place where you’re just not cool enough if your jeans don’t stop the blood flowing to your feet. CHU’s SODTHERICH will be out next week and hopefully shipped to you to have framed next to your Picasso’s before Christmas.” SOULED OUT STUDIOS