David Walker creates a giant mural in Nancy, France

Berlin-based David Walker is currently in France where he just finished working on a mega piece somewhere on the streets of Nancy.Abiding by self-imposed constraints, such as using no brushes or stencils, the British street artist pushes his unique direction with yet another superb street piece which is his biggest to date.The city of Nancy is

David Walker paints “The Final”, a new mural in Terracina, Italy for Memorie Urbane ’15

Our friend David Walker is currently in Italy where he was invited by the good lads from Memorie Urbane to work on a large-scale mural.Painting on the streets of Terracina, the British artist quickly worked his way through this signature portrait which is entitled “The Final”. Abiding by self-imposed constraints, such as using no brushes, the

David Walker and Base23 collaborate on a new piece in Berlin, Germany

Last week-end in Germany, David Walker and Base23 teamed up to work on an experimental collaboration somewhere in Berlin.The newly formed duo quickly wrapped up this piece which is featuring David’s signature portraiture combined with Base23’s abstract and colorful elements. This was made possible with the help of London Graffiti.Continue reading for more detailed images

David Walker and Jim Vision collaborate on a new portrait in Shoreditch, London

After the successful opening of his solo exhibition in London last week, David Walker hooked up with Jim Vision to work on this new street piece in Shoreditch.The newly formed duo pretty much freestyled this piece out and luckily managed to find nearly two days of dry weather within a grey drenched November week in

Coverage: David Walker’s London Solo Show “A Blank Canvas is a White Flag”

David Walker has populated cities across the world with his strikingly surreal portraits on the sides of buildings. Now Berlin-based, the artist is back to London for his first gallery show in three years at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery, โ€˜A Blank Canvas is a White Flagโ€™. The artist has produced a variety of processes and

David Walker New Piece – Helsingborg, Sweden

David Walker recently spent some time in Helsingborg, Sweden where he was invited to paint on an unusual canvas for the Add More Colors Festival alongside a group of artists including Sofles, TelmoMiel and Chemis. The Berlin-based artist delivers a beautiful boat piece with this massive eye painted in his signature style. Two and half days

David Walker New Mural For Urban Nation – Berlin, Germany

Our friend David Walker spent the last two days working on this new piece for Urban Nation and PM5 in Berlin, Germany.Abiding by self-imposed constraints, such as using no brushes, the British artist pushes his unique direction with yet another superb street piece.Hit the jump for more images on this new piece and then check

David Walker New Mural For Wall Therapy ’14 – Rochester, USA

David Walker is currently in Rochester, USA where he just wrapped up this new piece as part of the newest edition of the always excellent Wall Therapy Street Art Festival.As usual with the Berlin-based muralist, he painted this mural without the aid of brushes or stencils and yet managed to achieve an incredible level of