Coverage: LUSH Secret Pop Up Show in Melbourne, Australia

Infamous Melbourne artist LUSH, the only Australian to be included in Banksy’s Dismaland project, doesn’t seem to have any time to rest and organised a pop-up exhibition in street art lined Hosier Lane yesterday with a witty, tongue-in-cheek poke at traditional galleries and buffing. The secret location was released via social media just as it began

RONE & MAYONAIZE collaborate on a new piece in Melbourne, Australia

Our friends RONE and MAYONAIZE, two artists from the Everfresh Studios in Melbourne, Australia come together to take back this large wall in Brunswick in the city’s north.  Using only red and yellow, the two artists blend street art portraiture and calligraphy to create a stunning new piece facing a recently finished council urban park.

Camscale creates a new mural in Thornbury, Melbourne

After a beautiful portrait a few days ago, Camscale is back on the streets of Melbourne with a brand new piece.It took just a few days for the Australian muralist to complete this 20 metre long piece which is featuring some of his signature portraiture imagery combined with flowers and hands. If you are in

BMD drops new pieces into Brunswick, Melbourne

Dynamic duo BMD from New Zealand are painting separately for a brief while – one half will be getting up across California for three months while the other half is sharing time between home and Australia. One of the boys recently spent three days in Melbourne smashing out two large un-commissioned pieces in a Brunswick

Rone, Adnate, Askew One, Guido Van Helten & Mayonaize collaborate on a new mural in Melbourne

Rone, Adnate, Askew One, Guido Van Helten And Mayonaize came together recently to collaborate on a new project in Melbourne’s inner suburb of Collingwood.  The walls of the power station have long been bombed with street art and graffiti with the local council regularly buffing them with a dull orange colour. Now with the council’s permission,

AWOL Crew paints a new mural in Melbourne, Australia

AWOL Crew recently spent four days painting the entire side of a large building at Fountain Gate in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. The crew consists of Adnate, Slicer, Lucy Lucy, Deams and Itch all of which have their own diverse painting styles making their large scale murals unique.Aaron Li-Hill is also part of AWOL although he

Never Satisfied drops into Melbourne from New York

Never Satisfied who we normally find painting in Brooklyn, NYC recently dropped into Melbourne Australia for a brief visit. It was his first time to this city where he was blown away by the local scene and couldn’t resist getting some cans and leaving his unique style of text based street art with his signature

Adnate x Smug x Sofles New Collaboration – Melbourne, Australia

While you discovered their first collaboration a few days ago, Adnate, Smug and Sofles are back at it with this brand new piece on the streets of Melbourne, Australia.The All-Star street art trio once again dropped a technically stunning collaboration which is showcasing each artist’s distinctive styles.Hit the jump to discover the rest of the