BomK “Aérotik” Limited Edition Sculptures

Bom.K, one of the members of the infamous DMV crew, recently announced the upcoming release of his limited edition figures. Based on his familiar character designs, Aérotik sculptures are his first journey into the world of sculpting. Originally, they were conceived inside the artist studio’s spray paint fumes, as he was searching for an alchemy between

Gris1 DMV paints “Je Suis Charlie”, a tribute mural in Paris, France

Gris1 from the excellent Da Mental Vaporz crew just finished working on this brand new tribute piece entitled “Je Suis Charlie”.The French street artist painted this strong and powerful mural showing a tank using a green pencil as his weapon. The tank is tagged with a peace and love sign and the Hebdo writing. Charlie

Brusk drops a new piece with “Defense De S’afficher” In Lyon, France

Freshly back from Djerba in Tunisia, Brusk has been busy on the streets of his hometown, Lyon in France where he just finished working on this cute new piece.Featuring his signature dripping style, this fantastic elephant is featuring bold, vibrant details while holding a can and painting a sign which says “Defense De S’afficher”. (Forbidden

DMV “The Wall” @ BC Gallery

Most of members of the infamous French art collective/graffiti crew DMV (Da Mental Vaporz), recently finished their Berlin residence with a successful opening of their group show @ BC Gallery. During their stay in German capital, Blo, Bom.K, Brusk, Gris1, Jaw, Kan, Lek and Sowat created one giant mural, another smaller one, as well as built

DMV New Mural – Berlin, Germany

While you discovered some progress shots a few days ago (covered), the Da Mental Vaporz crew have now completed their gigantic 43 meters long mural in Berlin, Germany.In town for the opening of their upcoming exhibition at BCGallery, the French crew worked their magic on this insane piece which is featuring each member’s distinctive style.

DMV Work In Progress – Berlin, Germany

The members of the infamous French street-art collective “Da Mental Vaporz” aka DMV, are currently in Berlin, getting ready for their long awaited show @ BC gallery.Along with finishing their works for the show, preparing the gallery space and installing the exhibition, Blo, Bom.K. Brusk, Gris1, Jaw, Kan, Lek and Sowat are busy painting this

Bom.K x Brusk New Mural In Nantes, France

After having Seth x Kislow (covered) and Alexone last week (covered), the city of Nantes welcomed Bom.K and Brusk for the 9th iteration of Histoire D’un Mur.In just a few hours, the duo from DMV painted an epic piece featuring 4 different portraits combining each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.Make sure to peep at more

Bom.K x Blo x Kan x Gris1 (Da Mental Vaporz) New Mural In Brest, France

Currently in Brest, France for the excellent Crimes Of Minds event, the Da Mental Vaporz crew just completed this sweet indoor piece.Bom.K, Blo, Kan and Gris1 spent a few days working on this amazing mural combining each artist’s different style and technique.Check back with us soon for more street art updates from Crimes Of Minds. More