Da Mental Vaporz (Dran, Bom.K, Sowat…) New Mural In Progress, Brest France

After a wonderful mural in Copenhagen this summer (covered), the Da Mental Vaporz crew just landed in Brest for the Crimes Of Mind Project curated by Liliwenn. Dran, Bom.K, Sowat and the others are currently hard at work on a 17 meters high wall and here are some pics from today snapped by our friend

Blo New Mural In Berlin

Last Week, Da Mental Vaporz‘s member Blo was in Germany to paint a new black and white piece on the streets of Berlin for the Wedding Walls project.Just to give you an idea of scale this monochromatic piece is 25 meters high and it can be seen on Genterstr. 61. Pics By BerlinCat

Da Mental Vaporz (Dran, Bom.K, Sowat…) New Mural In Copenhagen, Denmark

The DMV Crew was in Denmark for the Galore Festival, they painted this huge wall on the streets of Copenhagen. This amazing mural features works by Blo, Bom.K, Brusk, Dran, Gris, Jaw, Kan and SowatNext stop for DMV crew, Crimes of Minds event in Brest, France this October!