Edoardo Tresoldi brings his giant sculptures to Roskilde Festival in Denmark

Edoardo Tresoldi was recently invited to participate in the excellent Roskilde Festival which took place a few days ago in Denmark.Geared with wire mesh and a bunch of tools, the Italian artist hand-crafted another series of giant characters which are as usual highly impressive, adding another dimension to the festival’s ground.Reconvene after the jump for

Borondo and Edoardo Tresoldi collaborate on a new piece in Milan, Italy

Borondo and Edoardo Tresoldi are currently in Milan, Italy where they just wrapped up this new collaboration with the help of Wunderkammern Gallery.While we last heard from these two collaborating during the “Animal” exhibition with RexRomae in London, the Italian-Spanish duo brought to life this stunning artwork which is mixing muralism and sculptural work. Borondo

“Incipit” a new installation by Edoardo Tresoldi in Marina Di Camerota, Italy

Along with Borondo, Edoardo Tresoldi is also in Marina Di Camerota where he just finished working on a monumental installation.It took over a week for the Italian sculptor to create “Incipit”, his latest street installation composed and built entirely using rolls of Wire Mesh. Slowly crafting one pillar after the other, Edoardo also created a

“Pueblo” a new street installation by Edoardo Tresoldi in Siena, Italy

Our friend Edoardo Tresoldi was recently invited to create a new installation in Siena, a city in Italy’s central Tuscany which is distinguished by its medieval brick buildings.In town for the Contemporary Art Fair “Inchiostro depARTure”, the Italian artist created a monumental sculpture entitled “Pueblo”. The Rome-Based artist created a series of giant wire mesh pillars which

Edoardo Tresoldi “Reason” Limited Edition Wire Mesh Sculpture – Available April 30th

Italian scenographer and sculptor Edoardo Tresoldi, creates amazing hand-made sculpture from metallic wire mesh, transforming a mundane industrial material into delicately crafted three-dimensional figures. Edoardo turns this transparent material into pieces that offer a moment of memory and grasp the relationship of the body in space. After his participation in the “Animal” exhibition with Borondo

Coverage: Borondo “Animal” Solo Exhibition @ London’s RexRomae

  Earlier this week, Borondo and RexRomae opened “Animal” in Shoreditch, the most anticipated exhibition of 2015 in London. Using the large 3200 square feet space as separate exhibition spaces, the Spanish artist created a path through it’s mind which enclosed 8 different ambiances including collaborations with fellow artists Edoardo Tresoldi, Carmen Main, Despina Charitonidi.

Edoardo Tresoldi New Installation For Oltre Il Muro Festival – Sapri, Italy

Unveiling a new sculpture, Edoardo Tresoldi was part of the newest edition of Oltre Il Muro Street Art Festival which recently took place on the streets of Sapri in Italy.Edoardo’s meticulously woven sculptures of wire depict a frozen moment in time. The Italian artist returns us to emotional moments almost like referencing a photograph, but