TWOONE unveils a large mural at Urban Spree in Berlin, Germany

TWOONE is the latest artist to be invited by the good lads from Urban Spree to create a new piece on the streets of Berlin.After a few days of hard work, the Japanese artist dropped this fantastic image showing some of his signature imagery. Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TWOONE was born in Yokohama, Japan. At age of

“On Tiptoes”, a massive mural by How & Nosm in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany is the latest city to welcome an artwork from the twin duo Raoul and Davide Perre, better known as How & Nosm.Organized by our friends at Urban Nation Berlin, this massive piece only took seven days to be completed by the New-York-based artists.  The red, black, and white-based imagery is instantly recognizable and commands

“Segregation”, a powerful mural by Case in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany

Case recently stopped by the town of Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Eastern Germany where he was given the opportunity to work on a new piece.Entitled “Segregation”, the German muralist brought to life this superb hyper-realistic piece showing the hand of a person holding a book.Its located in the town’s centre, close to the All Saints’ Church where

Sepe & Chazme collaborate on an indoor mural at the University of Bielefeld, Germany

The Hoch 2wei event recently invited Sepe and Chazme to exercise their craft at the University of Bielefeld in Germany.The pair created yet another stunning piece of work which is entitled “Unreachables”. The large artwork shows a group of people trying to reach a group of boats which is the only way for them to exit their

Claudio Ethos creates a series of new pieces in Dortmund & Koln

After Norway a few weeks ago, our friend Claudio Ethos has now reached Germany where he worked his magic on the streets of Dortmund and Koln.The Brazilian muralist continues to develop in his practice, and make uniquely different work using a minimal colour palette. Ethos was visiting Koln for the always excellent CityLeaks Street Art Festival

“Green Egg”, a mural by Gola Hundun in Wursburg, Germany

Gola Hundun just sent us a series of snaps from his newest piece which was just completed on the streets of Wursburg in Germany.In town for the Street Meet Festival, the Italian artist painted this beautiful piece showing as the title states a green egg. Painting at the the biology campus of the University of

“Imagination Conquering The World”, a mural by Dome in Karlsruhe, Germany

Dome just sent us some sweet images from his latest piece which was just completed on the streets in  Karlsruhe, Germany.Immersed in water, the German muralist spent a few days working on this super sweet piece showing two of his signature monochrome characters riding paper boats. Just as if they were puppets, the boats are being handled

Case Ma’Claim unveils a new mural in Berlin, Germany

Case Ma’Claim recently stopped by the lovely city of Berlin in Germany where he managed to link up with the good lads from Urban Nation.The German artist spent a few hours working on this quick mural in the Kreuzberg district close to Urban Nation’s HQ. As usual with Case, he brought to life a signature