Chicago’s Don’t Fret & London’s Edwin Team Up For ‘The Distinct Sound of Laughter in the Distance’
November 11, 2016
2 min read
What started as a “graffiti pen pal project” between Don’t Fret of Chicago USA and Edwin of London UK has morphed into a collaborative exhibition, social experiment, and show. Edwin, an artist and writer living and working in London, and Don’t Fret, a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Chicago, have over the past year…
“Panic Room”, a new indoor installation by Tilt in Bogota, Colombia
October 13, 2015
1 min read
While we last heard from him in New Zealand a few weeks ago, Tilt is now in South America where he just finished working on a brand new installation for Barcu in Bogota, Colombia.For this brand new “Panic Room”, the pictures speak for themselves. While one side of the room is decorated in brown with…
Artist Interview: Don’t Fret
June 25, 2015
9 min read
The artist known as Don’t Fret describes himself as a “vaguely anonymous human from Chicago”. While his new works pop up constantly in his hometown (as well as New York) he’s also gotten up in Miami, San Francisco, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Prague, and Munich. Don’t Fret’s paintings and paste ups show off his distinct characters…
Mygalo 2000 unveils a new series of pieces on the streets of Paris, France
April 12, 2015
1 min read
After a tour of Brazil and its Caipirinhas, Mygalo 2000 is back in his hometown of Paris in France where he started taking over more vans and abandoned places.Carrying messages tied to Death, Love and much more, the French artist brings to life Skeletons and skulls, sexy ladies and other unidentified characters.Reconvene after the jump…
Preview: City as Canvas – Graffiti Art from the Martin Wong Collection
February 4, 2014
4 min read
Artist and visionary Martin Wong moved to New York in 1978, right when graffiti was in its hey-day and the downtown art scene was evolving into a movement. When he began working at art supply store Pearl Paint on Canal St., he befriended many of the graffiti writers that were responsible for painting trains, tagging…
Ella & Pitr New Rooftop Piece – Saint-Etienne, France
January 12, 2014
1 min read
Ella & Pitr spent the last few days working on this rooftop in their hometown of Saint-Etienne in France.Working in a beautiful location, the french duo & couple mixed some graffiti elements with one of their oversized hand-painted pasters. We suppose Ella & Pitr are sending us all loads of love for 2014 with this…
Impressionism & Graffiti With a Common Denominator?
September 15, 2013
8 min read
The sentences and paragraphs that follow are merely my opinion as Bruno Santinho, they were written, not to provide answers but rather share ideas and raise questions… speaking of which, I’ve been asking people a question lately with the intent to quench my curiosity and analyze how certain ideas are rooted in the psyche of…
Martin Whatson New Murals For Nuart ’13 In Stavanger, Norway
September 8, 2013
1 min read
Popular Norwegian Stencil artist Martin Whatson was also in Stavanger, Norway for the excellent Street Art Festival Nuart. Martin painted three of his signature images, mixing traditional stencil with graffiti. Can’t help but love the Norwegian’s style! Stay with us after the click to see the entirety of the murals from Martin Whatson and then…
Hush New Mural For Nuart In Stavanger, Norway
September 6, 2013
1 min read
Newcastle-based street artist Hush also landed in Stavanger, Norway for the 2013 edition of the excellent Nuart Street Art Festival.Based on a “Matryoshka” shape, Hush continues to work on the female figure in art, mixing it up with graffiti and tagging to take a more contemporary route.Check it out from more angles after the jump and…
Stohead New Mural In Cologne, Germany
August 24, 2013
1 min read
Stohead is best known for combining a graffiti-based style with classical calligraphy to produce letters that are at once figurative and abstract. The German artist is now in Cologne where he just finished working on this intense mural for CityLeaks 2013.Stohead paints letters in individual strokes, using broad-tipped, traditional round-tipped or homemade instruments to achieve…