Hebru Brantley creates something new for Murals In The Market in Detroit

Chicago’s Hebru Brantley has had a busy summer and just finished this piece for “Murals In The Market”. In Detroit’s Eastern Market neighborhood, this massive work is 60×28 and on the corner of Adelade and Russell.It features Hebru’s signature Flyboy alongside a background of line art of historic Detroit sights and sonds.Murals in the Market

Artist Interview: Hebru Brantley

Hebru thnking big on S Wabash in Chicago prior to opening “Memoirs Of The Minimum Wage” Hebru Brantley’s path in the art world started in his native Chicago tagging walls and marking up trains. He’s since moved onto impressive murals all over the world while exhibiting work in New York, Los Angeles, London, Switzerland, etc.

“Flyboy” a massive mural by Hebru Brantley in Chicago, USA

Just before the opening of his solo exhibition “Memoirs of the Minimum Wage” at Vertical Gallery, Hebru Brantley wrapped up a massive new piece on the sunny streets of Chicago, USA.The American artist spent a few days working on this giant “Flyboy” (symbolizing the desire to soar to new heights) which is one of his

A Travelers’s Guide to Chicago’s Street Art & More

If you’re coming to Chicago to paint on walls, be warned. In 2014 the City of Chicago spent almost 5 million dollars on graffiti removal, and over a dozen crews were out on the streets painting over or washing spray paint off of walls. The fines for graffiti related vandalism doubled, first time offenses start