Herakut “Once upon a time” a new mural for WallCome Festival in Schmalkalden, Germany

While we last heard from them last August in Turkey, Herakut are now back in Germany where they just finished working on this new piece for the WallCome Festival.Painting on the streets of Schmalkalden, the German street art duo painted this signature piece which is entitled “Once upon a time”. Herakut’s artwork takes place once upon

Herakut New Mural – Istanbul, Turkey

Herakut recently stopped by Turkey to participate in a group exhibition at the Pera Müzesi Museum in Istanbul.The German street art duo worked on a stunning indoor installation and a beautiful outdoor mural which is entitled “Imagine We Had To Teach Our Children Never To Laugh Again”. Albeit dark in nature, the imagery found in Herakut’s works

Herakut New Murals – Los Angeles, USA

While we last heard from them in Jordan last month (covered), Herakut are now in Los Angeles where they just finished working on this new series of pieces.Invited by Industry Partners and LeBasse Projects in “order to build cultural value into the fabric of neighborhood and community properties”, the German duo dropped two of their

Herakut New Street Pieces – Za’atari, Jordan (Part II)

German Street Art duo Herakut are still in Za’atari, Jordan where they spent the last few days working on a new series of signature street pieces.The three-month project, which runs until end of March 2014, builds on earlier work with Syrian youth, refugees and internally displaced persons in the region. This amazing and inspiring project

Herakut New Street Pieces – Za’atari, Jordan

Herakut are currently in Jordan where they just finished working on these new pieces in Za’atari, the world’s second-largest refugee camp.For nearly three years, the civil war in Syria has caused violence on a horrific scale. Roughly 120,000 were killed before the U.N. stopped counting, nearly 5 million have been internally displaced, and since it

Herakut “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” New Street Art – Berlin, Germany

Earlier this week, Herakut stopped by Berlin where they spent a few days working on this new mural entitled “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” The German artist collective dropped large scale mural which featured their signature style and character design.Get up close and personal with the piece after the jump and then if you are in the area,

Herakut “Beauty is a Sanctuary” New Print Available Now

Street Art duo Herakut just released a new print entitled “Beauty Is A Sanctuary” through Lebasse Projects. This print is from their recent street art tour through Asia, traveling through Shanghai, Hong Kong and Manila.The normal edition is a run of 50, it measures 24″ x 12″, giclee on archival cotton rag fine art paper, its

Herakut New Mural In Frankfurt, Germany

After Mannheim last month (covered), Herakut are back in Frankfurt where they spent the last three days working on a new “page” of their Giant Story Book Project.The German duo quickly painted this large monochrome piece which reads “There Is Something Better Than Perfection”.Stay with us through the click for more angles on the piece