Vhils newest portrait in Hong-Kong

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is spending some time in Asia where he’s currently working on several new interesting projects in Hong-Kong.  Breaking away from the studio work, the Portuguese street artist and his crew created this beautiful portrait of a young Asian lady in the city’s center. Using his signature technique of chipping away from

Stinkfish produces several murals in Hong-Kong

After mainland China, Stinkfish is now in lovely Hong-Kong where he managed to cram in several new street pieces.The globe-trotting street artist once again created some of his signature imagery with this series of stenciled-portraits combined with energetic abstractions and patterns. A beautiful addition to Hong-Kong’s landscape by the Colombian muralist.A bunch of extra shots

Ludo brings a series of Dragons and Bonsais in Hong-Kong

Ludo just sent us a series of new images from his latest street work which just took place in Hong-Kong.Geared with giant hand-painted wheat paste and buckets of glue, the French artist brought to life some of his signature green sceneries for the locals to enjoy.Continue reading for more detailed images on these pieces and

“Tagger” a new street piece by Pejac in Hong-Kong

Before heading to Tokyo, Japan, Pejac spent a few days in Hong-Kong where he managed to drop this brilliant new piece.Entitled “Tagger” and located on Hollywood Road 97, the Spanish artist used a blow torch to create the heart and then carefully hand-painted the dragon with brushes. The dragon is a known symbol of strength

Bao paints a new mural in Hong-Kong for HKWALLS ’15

While you discovered Hopare’s piece for HKWALLS a few days ago, Bao was also invited to participate in this year’s edition on the streets of Hong-Kong.Bao is a self-taught artist who loves traveling with her unique art, now based in Hong Kong, she mainly works with illustrations and mural art.If you stop by HK sometime

NeSpoon unveils “Happy Hour”, a new mural in Hong-Kong

Hong-Kong is currently booming with Street Art, murals and installation, another festival popped up under the name QRE Urban Art Festival.The first artist to complete her piece is NeSpoon which brought to life a beautiful piece entitled “Happy Hour’. This 12 x 3,5 meters billboard was painted using stencil and spray paint. NeSpoon refers to

Hopare creates a new mural on Hollywood Road in Hong-Kong

Our friend Hopare is back on the streets of Hong-Kong where he just finished working on a brand new piece.Painting on Hollywood Road, the talented French artist quickly wrapped up this rather small murals in just a few hours. Once again, the result is a beautiful mix of portraiture combined with  abstract shapes and fluid lines.Hit

Ludo brings a green strawberry to the streets of Hong-Kong

Ludo is still busy on the streets of Hong-Kong where he latest piece just went up somewhere in the megalopolis.The Parisian-based artist brought to life a giant green and grey strawberry which is sure to be enjoyed by the local residents.Continue reading for an extra angle on this artwork and then check back with us