Axel Void creates a new mural on the streets of Chennai in India

Axel Void is currently touring through India where he spent a few days working on the streets of Chennai, the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.This wall is part of the “Mediocre” series. This mural is situated in the main entrance of the Greenways Train Station. It shows the portrait of Krishnaveni,

VitaeViazi paint a series of new pieces in Goa, India

It’s not everyday we receive Street Art from India but luckily for us, Russian art collective VitaeViazi just emailed us a series of new images from their latest street works which were recently finished somewhere on the streets of Goa.Inspired by the roots of their culture, the Moscow-based collective invaded the streets of Goa with

Dome paints a fantastic mural in Mumbai, India

German artist Dome was recently in Mumbai, India, taking part in St+art India festival with this fantastic large mural entitled “Coming Home”.The piece took 3 and half days and 2 cherry pickers to finish, and is his tallest work so far. Measuring 22.5x5m this impressive piece was done using acrylics and spray paint. The finished work

AEC Interesni Kazki New Murals – Kerala, India (Part II)

AEC from Interesni Kazki is still in India (Part I), where he just finished working on these two new murals in Verkala and Pothamedu.As usual with the Ukrainian artist, his incredible imagination brings us two fantastic images filled with his signature imaginary, fairy tale characters and vibrant colours.Take a look at more images after the break

M-City New Mural For St. Art Delhi Festival 2014 – New Delhi, India

M-City was recently in India where he spent a few days working on these massive pieces somewhere on the streets of New Delhi.In town for the St. Art Delhi Festival 2014, the Polish street artist dropped two gigantic pieces which are containing an immense amount of detail, patterns, and strong line work.Continue reading to get familiar with

Ecb “Gandhi” New Mural – New Delhi, India

Ecb is currently in New Delhi, India where he spent the last few weeks working on this massive new portrait.With “Gandhi”, ecb dropped another one of his signature greyscale portrait and as usual the German artist has a true talent to mix tones of grey and compose them in a perfect way.Continue reading for more

Interesni Kazki New Murals – Varkala, India

WAONE from Interesni Kazki is still in India where he just finished working on a new series of pieces somewhere in Varkala.The Ukrainian painter dropped two signature murals with “Journey Through Sade Sati” and “Eternal Vs Temporal”.Continue reading to see more on the pieces in question and watch out for more updates from WAONE and Interesni

Interesni Kazki “Time For Change” New Mural – Varkala, India

WAONE from Interesni Kazki is currently in India where he just wrapped up this new piece somewhere in Varkala.Entitled “Time For Change”, the Ukrainian artist is showing support to his homeland with this fantastic piece. Police versus Patriots.Take a look at more images after the break and then check back with us soon for more