Broken Fingaz creates a new mural in Haifa, Israel

Broken Fingaz are currently in their hometown of Haifa in Israel, where they just finished working on a sick new piece.It took two days for the Israelis collective to complete this artwork which talks about their national laws and the fact that the government is trying to convince the citizens that its impossible to live

Klone creates his Sleeping Beauty in Haifa, Israel

Our friend Klone Yourself just sent us a selection of sweet images from his newest offering to the streets of Haifa in Israel.The Israeli-artist painted this self-organized mural which is showing a sleeping girl surrounded by reed trees and accompanied by a cat-like character. Its a sleeping beauty for the sleepy Haifa, a city with

Amose New Mural – Tel-Aviv, Israel

Amose is currently in Israel where he just finished working on this new piece on the streets of Tel-Aviv.In 2003 Amose started to work with tribal characters. It began when he discovered artists from South America who inspired him. South America is a culturally wealthy culture. β€œI can not quite tell (what drew me to

UNTAY New Mural – Tel-Aviv, Israel

While we last heard from him last month (covered), UNTAY is back in Tel-Aviv where he just wrapped up this new hands mural.Painted in the center of Tel-Aviv, UNTAY tried to combine ‘sketchy’ techniques to add some movement to the big hands, and as usual..his aim was to deliver a message and support the people

UNTAY New Indoor Mural – Tel Aviv, Israel

Boaz Sides aka UNTAY recently finished this sweet indoor piece somewhere in an abandoned garage of Tel Aviv, Israel.The young Israeli artist recently started a new theme of “Ties Hunters” and it is the second of a series of many more hunters to come.Stay with us after the break for a more comprehensive look at

Dede “Clothespin” New Street Piece – Tel Aviv, Israel

Our friend Dede just finished working on this rad new piece somewhere on the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel.Working on a site specific piece the Israeli Street Artist painted this huge clothespin for the local wanderers to enjoy.Take a look at some more detailed images of the clothespin after the break and then drop your

Jack Tml New Street Piece – Tel Aviv, Israel

Jack Tml sent us a series of pictures from a quick piece he just threw together in a random car park somewhere in Tel Aviv, Israel.The young Israeli artist comes from a small community in northern Israel, he started to paint in the streets in 2004. His style is figurative and endowed with realism combined with

Klone New Mural In Tel-Aviv, Israel

To celebrate his 30th birthday, Klone spent a few hours working on this piece entitled “Self portrait as a 30 years old painter/the artist is present/street art is dead.”Painted entirely using extensions and rollers, the Israeli artist delivers a massive piece featuring some of his signature imagery and style.Check back with us soon for more