NeSpoon New Street Pieces in Grottaglie, Italy

Polish Artist NeSpoon spent a month in Grottaglie for the Fame Festival, she works with ceramics and invaded the city with her pieces. Ceramics is quite an original and interesting medium especially when mixed with her stencils. Pics by Fame Festival

Orticanoodles “Rita Levi-Montalcini” New Mural In Carrara, Italy

Orticanoodles was in Carrara, Italy for an event called “Fortitudo Mea In Coloris” to paint a new piece. This piece is a handout stencil, measures 4×4 meters and the face is “Rita Levi-Montalcini” an Italian nobel prize. The text reads “Meglio Aggiungere Vita Ai Giorni, Che Non Giorni Alla Vita” (“Better to add life to

Vhils New Murals @ Fame Festival 2011, Italy

Vhils was in Italy these past few days for Fame Festival 2011, he had time to produce a few new pieces, including a spectacular portrait located in downtown Grottaglie.A nice video was also produced for the event and you can check it out below Pics By Fame Festival

PixelPancho New Mural In Campobasso, Italy

PixelPancho was also in Italy last week, for Draw the line festival in Campobasso and he painted this huge mural. PixelPancho is an artist we’d like to see more often and it’s always nice to see him go huge. Pics By Eme

ROA New Mural In Campobasso, Italy

ROA is now in sunny Italy after his Berlin’s show. He is attending the Draw the line festival in Campobasso and he spent quite a few hours under the sun painting this huge mural, once again ROA delivers an outstanding piece with his crazy execution. Pics by Draw the line