Hyuro, a large mural in Ravenna, Italy

Hyuro recently spent some time in Ravenna, Italy for the Subsidence Festival where she created this new piece entitled: ¨25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women¨Located in the ¨Giardino Sorelle Mirabal¨ of Ravenna, the piece was named this way in honor to the Mirabal Sisters, four Dominican sisters who opposed the

Tellas’ latest mural in Cagliari, Italy

While we last heard from him on the streets of London in the UK, Tellas is back in Italy where he just finished working on this beautiful piece somewhere on the streets of his hometown, Cagliari.In town for “Cagliari 2015”, a new event that tried to celebrate the city’s status as the 2015 capital of

Blu creates a fantastic mural at Casa Dei Pazzi in Rome, Italy

After a rather long break, Blu is back in Italy with a fantastic new piece of work which was just completed on the streets of Rome.Painting without a lift using a rope and rappelling against the wall, the Italian artist painted his disastrous vision and evolution of the anthropocene period. As usual with Blu, it’s

NEVERCREW unveils a new piece for Urban Canvas in Italy

The streets of Varese in Italy and the Urban Canvas Street Art Festival just welcomed the good lads from NEVERCREW which created yet another fantastic piece of work featuring one of their signature whales.NEVERCREW is a duo formed in 1996 by Swiss artists Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi. Between giant whales, tentacles and astronauts, the

Veks Van Hillik creates a new mural in Cupra Montana, Italy

Veks Van Hillik just sent us some images from his latest street piece which was just completed on the streets of Cupra Montana in Italy.Entitled “Fall From The Sky”, the French painted showcased his truly amazing technic, between dream and nightmare, we truly love this surreal piece. This Human-Fish was painted for the PopUp Street

“The Black Sheep”, a new mural by ZED1 in Genova, Italy

Our friend ZED1 just sent us some images from his latest street work which took place on the lovely streets of Genova in Italy.Entitled “The Black Sheep”, the Italian artist created this signature piece of work showing one of his signature characters on his horse being lifted by a series of sheep. In this work,

Martin Whatson creates an indoor installation in Rome, Italy

Our buddy Martin Whatson recently visited the lovely of Rome in Italy where he was given the chance to work on a new indoor installation.Geared with stencils and a ton of spray paint, the Norwegian artist created this rad “Buff” room depicting the constant fight in between a writer and the buffer. This colorful piece was created as

Bordalo II unveils a new street installation in Este, Italy

While we last heard from him in Las Vegas, Bordalo II is back in Europe where he just finished working on a new street installation in Italy.Invited by the Impatto 2.0 Festival to create a piece on the streets of Este, the Portuguese urban artist quickly brought to life this super cute hedgehog. As usual with Bordalo