Jacyndol New Street Art Pieces – Miechucino & Gdynia, Poland

Jacyndol has been busy on the streets of Gdynia and Miechucino where he recently painted several new street pieces.Using his very distinctive style, these new pieces from the Polish street artist will probably remind you of old-school Soviet Propaganda posters but with a twist.Continue reading to see the pieces in full details, and then check

Jacyndol x Seikon New Mural In Gdynia, Poland

After an impressive solo mural a few days ago in Parchowo (covered), Jacyndol is back in Gdynia where he teamed up with Seikon to work on this new collaboration.After a few days of work on a cherry picker, the All-Star Polish street art duo painted an amazing piece featuring both artist’s distinctive style.Stay with us

Jacyndol New Mural In Parchowo, Poland

Hailing from Gdynia, here comes Jacyndol who just sent us some fresh flicks from his newest piece in Poland.Often collaborating with Seikon, the Polish artist has been painting some sweet pieces as of late. Entitled “St Sebastian”, you’ll be able to find this piece somewhere in the small town of Parchowo.Check out some more images