JADE “Companero” New Street Piece – Playa La Herradura, Lima

While we last heard from him last week with “The Host” (covered), JADE is back on the streets of his hometown, Lima, with this brand new piece which he just dropped along the Playa La Herradura.In a time where a majority of street artists tend to go massive on the side of buildings, the Peruvian

JADE “The Host” New Mural – Lima, Peru

JADE is back on the streets of Lima, Peru where he just finished working on his first 2014 piece in the district of Chorillos.Entitled “El-Huesped” (the host), the prolific peruvian street artist quickly painted this piece which is featuring one of his distinctive characters.Continue reading for more angles and then check back with us soon

JADE New Mural – Cartagena, Colombia

JADE recently stopped by Cartagena in Colombia where he was invited by Vertigo Graffiti to paint a new piece.The Peruvian artist spent a day and a half working on this signature piece which can be seen in the barrio Getsemani, Av. Pedregal.Take a closer look in more photos below, then check back with us soon

Jade New Mural For “Escuelas Verdes” – Lima, Peru

Freshly returned from his recent Mexican trip, it didn’t take long for Jade to drop a new piece in his hometown of Lima.The Peruvian muralist painted this beautiful piece for the “Escuelas Verdes” project at the Colegio Republica de Guatemala in Barrios Altos.Take a look at a high-res gallery after the break and then check

Jade New Mural In Querétaro, Mexico

The Board Dripper Street Art Festival has started on the streets of Querétaro, Mexico and Jade is one of the first artist to finish his piece.In town with Alexis Diaz, Franco Fasoli and more, the Peruvian Street Artist delivered this sweet piece which is featuring one of his signature characters holding what seems to be

Jade New Murals In Pisco, Peru

After Tarapoto a few days ago (covered), Jade is now in Pisco for the Proyecto Afuera.This interesting project is a public street art event based in Peru which will see several artists paint murals in some of the country’s most remote and unexpected places.The Peruvian street artist painted two pieces which are both featuring his

JADE New Street Piece In Tarapoto, Peru

After a beautiful mural in Lamas a few days ago (covered), JADE is now in Tarapoto, Peru where he just finished working on this new artwork.With a perfect sense of placement, the Peruvian artist quickly painted this beautiful piece which gets straight to the point.Get familiar with the piece after the click and look out

JADE New Mural In Lamas, Peru

While we last heard from him in Colombia (covered), JADE is now back in Peru for the Equilibro Festival where he just completed this beautiful piece in Lamas.The Equilibro Festival was held in the Wakyu neighbourhood. The Wayku is a Quechua native community located on the city of Lamas, in the Peruvian amazon jungle. Through