Life Is Beautiful ’15: “Meerkat”, a new mural by Bordalo II in Las Vegas

Our friend Bordalo II was also in Las Vegas, Nevada where he participated in the third edition of the always excellent Life Is Beautiful Festival which was curated by JUSTKIDS.Geared with spray paint and a dumpster of trash, the Portuguese street artist created this unique installation showing a group of Meerkat chilling against a bus.

Life Is Beautiful ’15: Ruben Sanchez unveils a new mural in Downtown Las Vegas

We continue our coverage of Life Is Beautiful ’15 with a brilliant new piece from the Spaniard Ruben Sanchez.The Dubai-based artist spent the last week in Las Vegas where he was invited by JustKids to work on the side of a building. In just a few days, the Spanish street artist has transformed a plain,

Life Is Beautiful ’15: D*Face unveils “Peace”, a new mural in Las Vegas

While we last heard from him in Arkansas, D*Face spent some time in Las Vegas invited by Justkids for the Life Is Beautiful ’15 event.In town with his assistant Rebel Alliance, the British street artist spent a few days working under the intense heat of Vegas on this large-scale piece showing a golden pistol forming

Life Is Beautiful ’15: Work in progress by Pixel Pancho in Las Vegas, Nevada

StreetArtNews is in sunny Las Vegas for the upcoming Life Is Beautiful Festival to cover the Art pillar curated by JustKids.Our buddy, the Italian street artist Pixel Pancho is the first to start his piece in Downtown Las Vegas which should be completed by tomorrow. As usual, Pixel is going big with some of his

1010 unveils a new vortex in Las Vegas with JUSTKIDS for Life Is Beautiful ’15

While we last heard from him a few days ago with a massive piece in Paris, 1010 recently stopped by Las Vegas to work his magic on a new building.Invited by JUSTKIDS for the upcoming Life Is Beautiful ’15 Festival, the German artist spent about five days working under extreme weather conditions. 45 degrees and

Street art and graffiti in Las Vegas: Where to go and who to see

Need an introduction to where to find the best Street Art in Las Vegas? Look no further than here with our second of three installments in Street Art News’s Guide To Unveiling The Street Art of Las Vegas.  If you missed the memo about Las Vegas being the hottest city in the United States right

Borondo creates “Corner”, an anamorphic mural in Las Vegas for JustKids and Life Is Beautiful

Our friend Borondo is currently in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada where he spent the last few days working on a brand new anamorphic mural.In town with JustKids for the second edition of the Life Is Beautiful Festival, the Spanish street artist just wrapped up another fantastic artwork which is entitled “Corner”. Once again

Work in progress by Saner for JustKids and Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas

While we last heard from him a few weeks ago in Perth, Australia, Saner has now landed in Las Vegas, USA for the upcoming Life Is Beautiful Festival with JustKids.Earlier today, the Mexican muralist started working on this new street piece which is going to feature his impeccable technique combined with some of his traditional