Herakut & M-City collaborate on a large mural in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The O.Bra festival recently took place on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil where a stellar line-up of artists beautified the streets through a series of large mural.Focusing on the art of collaboration, Herakut and M-City joined forces to create this huge artwork showing some of Herakut’s signature characters wearing ultra-detailed hats designed by M-City.

M-City creates a new mural in Breda, Netherlands

While we last heard from him in Aalborg, Denmark, M-City has now reached the Netherlands where he just finished working on a brand new piece somewhere on the streets of Breda.Painting on a barber shop, the Polish artist created some of his distinctive machinery-inspired aesthetics with this giant creature using scissors to cut trees.Hit the

M-City paints a new mural in Aalborg, Denmark

M-City is currently in Aalborg, Denmark where he spent the last few days working on a new mural for WeAart.Entitled “826”, the Polish street artist brought to life this massive piece showing some of his unique robotic / machinery imagery. “826” shows a futuristic giant robot using a jackhammer to dig a big hole in

M-City “822”, his newest piece in Moscow, Russia

The Outline Festival took place not long ago on the busy streets of Moscow in Russia and on that occasion the always prolific Polish artist M-City was part of this year’s line-up. Entitled “822”, the street architect brought to life another super piece featuring his unique machinery looking aesthetic. As we are to expect with M-City,

M-City paints a large-scale mural in Lille, France

M-City is currently in Northern France where he spent the last few days on the streets of Lille working on a large-new piece.The Polish architect brought to life an impressive artwork which branches away from his traditional imagery. This time around, the piece shows a giant character holding some kind of boulder against an orange

M-City paints a new mural in Lecco, Italy

Polish artist M-City is currently in Lecco, Italy where he was invited to paint for the Lecco Street View Street Art Festival.After several days of work, the globe-trotting street artist dropped a gigantic green piece which is containing as usual with him, an immense amount of detail, patterns, and strong line work.Hit the jump to

M-City New Mural – Schmalkalden, Germany

After Case and Ecb, it’s M-City‘s turn to paint on the streets of Schmalkalden, Germany for the WallCome Street Art Festival 2014.As usual with the Polish muralist and his unique machinery looking aesthetic, this new piece is filled with a great amount of detail, patterns, and strong line work.Hit the jump for more images on

M-City New Mural – Istanbul, Turkey

M-City is currently in Turkey where he just finished working on his first mural somewhere on the streets of Istanbul.The globe-trotting street artist painted this signature black and white piece which is showing a bunch of grim looking police cars beings absorbed by a giant unidentified flying object. This piece was organised by Common Experience.Take