M-CITY New Mural In Mexico City (Part 2)

M-CITY continues his “M.City” trip with another new piece that popped up yesterday. After two pieces on the streets this week (covered) this third one is located inside a warehouse. Pics by M-CITY

M-CITY New Murals In Mexico City

Polish Artist M-CITY is currently staying in beautiful Mexico for a few days, he’s been busy and already finished painting two new murals located in the streets of Mexico City. We look forward to see more pieces pop up in Mexico soon!  Pics by M-CITY

M-City New Mural In Warsaw, Poland Part 2

M-City newest mural in Warsaw is now fully completed. M-City delivers this great two parts mural which was painted very quickly considering the horrible weather and rain these past few days in Warsaw. Pics by Sosm.pl

M-City New Mural In Warsaw, Poland

Polish artist M-City is currently painting a big wall in Warsaw, this is a two part mural which is now halfway done. Check back with us soon for second part! Pics by Sosm.pl

M-City New Mural In Wroclaw, Poland

Mariusz Waras aka M-City has always focused working on urban space and he just finished another of his inimitable pieces in the city of Wroclaw, Poland.Produced along the mural is a very nice video shot by OTECKI which can be seen below. Pics By M-City