A new series of pieces by WK Interact in New York City

Busy summer for WK Interact which just finished installing several new pasters around New York City.Borned in Caen, France in 1969, but he’s been based out of New York City for the past 20 years. WK’s technique of shifting images during photocopying creates a distorted vision of the human body in motion; the techniques have

Artist Interview: Don’t Fret

The artist known as Don’t Fret describes himself as a “vaguely anonymous human from Chicago”. While his new works pop up constantly in his hometown (as well as New York) he’s also gotten up in Miami, San Francisco, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Prague, and Munich. Don’t Fret’s paintings and paste ups show off his distinct characters

“The Hunt” a new street piece by Levalet in Bologna, Italy

After a great piece in Paris a few days ago, Levalet has now reached the shores of Italy where he was invited to participate in the Cheap Festival.Working on the streets of Bologna, the French artist was given an entire building to transform with his imagery. The end-result is pretty cool and is entitled “The

“Auto Portrait”, a new piece by Ludo in Paris, France

Our friend Ludo just sent us a series of images from “Auto Portrait”, a dual billboard which was just completed on the streets of Paris in France.The piece shows a vibrant green pineapple-skull smoking a cigarette, the smoke of which is forming the letters “HOPE”. Straight to the point.Take a look at another angle after

Ludo brings a new batch of pieces to the streets of Hong-Kong in China

Ludo is currently in Southern Asia where he already left his mark with a new series of pieces on the streets of Hong-Kong.The Parisian-based globe-trotting artist brought to life some of his iconic green artworks with this series of flower-based artworks.Hit the jump for more detailed images on these artworks and check back with us

Levalet creates “Open Doors”, a new street piece in Paris, France

Charles Leval better known as Levalet is back on the streets of Paris in France with a brand new piece which just appeared within the tenth district of the city.The French street artist creates life-sized wheat paste posters of people that seem to be interacting with the surrounding architecture, some playful and others more mischievous.Continue

Ludo creates a new series of pieces in China

While you were discovering his recent new works in Rome, Ludo was already on his way to China, to work on his upcoming solo show in Shanghai end of March.Pasting up his recognizable b/w imagery with bright green accents, French artist created a whole series of new works in Nanping, city in northwestern Fujian province. His

Levalet unveils “The Market”, a new piece in Paris, France

Charles Leval aka Levalet is back on the streets of his hometown, Paris, France where despite the cold weather, he just finished working on a brand new artwork.Entitled “The Market”, the French artist quickly pasted up this series of characters, showing a bunch of men displaying their items for sale. From heavy weaponry to clocks,