Pelicans by Bordalo II in Lisboa, Portugal

Our friend Bordalo II just sent us some fresh images from the latest installation he completed in Lisboa, Portugal. Commisssioned by the Associação Mutualista Montepio, and placed in the very city center, on the corner between Rua de Santa Justa and Rua de Carmo, the Portuguese artist unveiled this solid 5×5 meters piece which is

Hazul unveils “Eva & Ave” in Loures, Portugal

Hazul is probably one of the most well known street artists in Porto, Portugal. He started on age 16 graffiting his signature but 7 years ago he started to draw abstract shapes, inspired in ancient cultures like Egyptians or Celtics.  Hazul just sent us some images from his latest piece which was just completed somewhere

Pantonio creates a stunning artwork in Covilhã, Portugal

The excellent Wool Festival is back with a brand new extra piece which was just completed by Pantonio in the center of Covilhã in Portugal.As usual with the talented Portuguese muralist, the colours and flow of his brush strokes on these super cute birdies are simply unique and amazing. Deeply influenced by the inhabitant of his

“Trash Cat”, a new street installation by Bordalo II in Portugal

After “Trash Puppy” a few days ago, Bordalo II just sent us some images from his latest street installation which is entitled “Trash Cat”.As usual with the Portuguese artist, this piece was built using solely trash and found materials that he gathered from the streets. After a few days of work, the end-result is stunning

“The Road Of Solidarity”, a new piece by Freddy Sam in Azores, Portugal

South African artist Freddy Sam spent a few days on the Azores islands where he was invited by the good lads from the Walk&Talk Street Art Festival.Freddy Sam created this beautiful piece which is entitled “The Road Of Solidarity”. The mural depicts two young brothers Rodrigo and Johny and their friend Claudio walking into the ocean,

“Trash Puppy” a new street installation by Bordalo II in Lisbon, Portugal

Our friend Bordalo II is currently back in Lisbon, Portugal where he just spent a few days working on a brand new street installation.Entitled “Trash Puppy”, the Portuguese artist once again utilized his skills to create a stunning sculpture entirely built of trash and found materials then spray painted to match the puppy’s color. Genial

“Vascular Endemism”, a new mural by Pastel in Azores, Portugal

Our friend Pastel was recently invited to paint on the Azores island in Portugal for the excellent Walk & Talk Street Art Festival.The Argentinean muralist brought to life some of his signature plant-based imagery for the locals to enjoy.Vascular plants are also known as higher plants or tracheophytes. Their defining characteristic is the differentiation of

“Salamander”, an installation by Bordalo II in Agueda, Portugal

While we last heard from him in London, our friend Bordalo II is now back in Portugal where he just finished another impressive installation on the streets of Agueda.In town for AgitÁgueda curated by Mistaker Maker, the Portuguese artist once again used trash and found materials to build one of his lovely creatures. The result is